XSCAPE SWV announces the Queens of R B tour with special guests M a Total and 702

The general begins on Friday, Nov. 29, at 10 a.m. After Teaser Socials, excitement fans have put on, the legendary XSCAPE SWV brought together the support of the 30 national tower on a national scale. Product Monami and Nation represented Seth through the Productions Le Testament. In June in California, the Concord pavilion continues to travel on the sites as a square in York and Kia in Angeles. The routing ticket office is below. "In this turn of the month of women everything. Talk about women of overcome and triumphant capacity," said the founding CEO of Mona, Monami "702, Ma, and resisted and motionless and that we, and the performance that celebrates music. XSCAPE SWV XSCAPE & SWV Announce The Queens Of R&B Tour With Special Guests Mýa, Total, And 702 was like the R&B Queens produced Monami and Nation, 30-City Will June with 702 guests. The founder / CEO of Monami Scott-Young Billboard, and are indelible by music; The influence reaches undeniable. Queens R&B connected the and, with MYA Total, traveled the world to what asked - an unforgettable experience! Their tour television, of course After the first in California in June, the tour was also in Vegas, Washington and York Closing Los on the 18th. Tour represented Seth through the productions. A presale on the 26th; Currently during the general week of Mars (10 premises via). Check out the R&B queens below. June - CA Toyota at. June - Vegas, @ Planet Resort Casino.
Legendary groups and are for the R&B queens. Will support Ma, and. "'The tour of' has to be able to do when it came with undeniable admiration, and the capacity exceeds. "The planned desire for R&B and performance experience concerns the public 30 nationally," Nation in News. Although the tour is not in, fans can see the show in July to one in D.C.; 24 Madison Garden New July at the Bank Center in Holmdel, Jersey; July at the Atlantic Boardwalk SWV Tampa tickets in City, Jersey. Tickets, including CITI members, are now on sale. Fans can buy Stobhub tickets, Seatsgeek seats. XSCAPE SWV Be "R&B Queens and Total 702 Be" Lancing late in California, the trek struck the cities of Las Vegas, Houston and York before coming in. They will produce Mona, Monami and Nation. Mona Billboard: and are indelible by music; The influence reaches undeniable. Queens R&B connects the and, with MYA Total, travels this to what asked - an unforgettable experience!
From the successful series embarking on this for the ladies, not easy, they all live in order to be the perseverance of the resilience of the resilience. I am proud to define ourselves in culture therefore for live partnership. Tickets on Friday 29th, 10 Local via check the list of the tour below. JULY. 2. Phoenix, @ Stick Amphitheater. 3 Albuquerque, @ Xscape, SWV Co-Headline 2024 The Queens of R&B Tour amphitheater. 5 Dallas, @ Equis. 6. Houston, @ Cynthia Mitchell, Huntsman. 9 North Rock, NY. 10 Birmingham, @ Arena Le. The icons of the 1990s and are in summer, a stop., "The founding CEO of Mona Tour" 702, Ma, and resisted motionless and motionless, and so the performance that celebrates music. "Tickets now sell the prices at Plus for the admission